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Jay-Cee Sales is proud to now offer Keyserts.

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Thread Repair

Recoil’s range of thread repair kits and products and wire thread inserts enable you to produce strong new threads in weaker materials and carry out fast and efficient repair of damaged threads.

Creating strong new threads
Wire thread inserts, also known as helicals, and advanced thread installation tooling systems are designed for OEMs to create strong threads in their production. The Recoil thread inserts (helicals) and tooling systems further quicken the installation process and make it easier to manage.

Repairing damaged threads
Recoil prides themselves for their range of thread repair kits.

Thread Repair Kits by Recoil

Containing everything you need to complete thread repair projects, Recoil’s innovative and cost effective thread repair kits are utilised worldwide in industrial, automotive & aerospace maintenance solutions.


  • The largest ex stock range available, including METRIC, BSF, BSW, UNC, UNF, BSC, BA, BSP and NPT in single or multiple size formats.
  • User friendly - multi lingual instructions included.
  • Practical design - sleek, durable case for easy storage and carriage.

Typical Applications:

  • Can be used to repair any damaged thread.
  • Widely used in automotive applications across car, motorcycle, and commercial vehicle repair.

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